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Divatosity: Decorating With Flair and Drama

Sometimes, your plain black couch just needs a little flair. Well, in my case, it needed a lot of flair. Up until about 5 days ago, this couch was adorned with simple red twill pillows and a random electric blue throw with the name of a former vendor emblazoned upon it. Once upon a time, the aforementioned red pillows were a nice addition to the demure black couch. 

However, these days my decorating tastes lean towards a lot more flair and drama. I purchased the plush black and white throw from Walmart for about $10-$15. The red decorative pillows cost $13 each at Tuesday Morning, the red ottoman/trunk/coffee table was about $60 at Ross, the black ottoman was a Christmas gift, and the black and white damask chair rang up at $80.00. 

Yet, I cannot put a true value on the way in which these additions to my living room have positively impacted my daily life. I find myself taking more time to quietly reflect upon my day. My mornings are spent slowly savoring simple breakfasts and capping them off with a large cup of ginger pear tea.


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