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Divatosity: Striped Palettes Are So Much Fun!

This color palette is a good precursor for Spring...which cannot get to the Midwest soon enough. This color palette makes me want to sit outside on the patio of a bistro. I imagine myself seated on an elegant black wrought iron chair surrounded by dear friends.

Divatosity: Christmas Wrapping Paper

I love this Christmas wrapping paper. It's both classic and contemporary. Polka dots, stripes, and solid patterns join together to create magic.

Divatosity: Reclaimed Wood

I love the look of reclaimed wood. The color and texture of the wood makes me think of a quaint field with farmhouse in the distance.

Divatosity: Imperfectly Finished

A couple of months ago, I had a spray painting party of sorts...and the results were mixed. I started off with a dark paint that did not contain primer. 
It was a disaster. I removed the dark paint and then decided to use a light green as a pop color...but,that was a failure as well. Finally, I chose a pewter color which thankfully covered up my past painting sins.

Divatosity: A Windy Evening

This year Halloween night was blustery and cold. But, we managed to make the best of a windy situation. The kids in our group had a blast trick or treating  and the adults spent a majority of the time laughing with one another. We had just as much fun as the kids. This to me is what Halloween is all about.

Divatosity: Burlap Color Swatch

Burlap fabric invokes a vision of enjoying brunch in a small sun room. The material can act as a window covering, table runner, place mat and/or a floor covering place underneath a small accent table.